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    Life is Life or how I finally moved away

    life is life

    I’m writing this at midnight!Life is live, huh! Apparently I’m a night owl and function better at night. Usually, you’ll find me looking through my window while trying to write something smart. This time though we’re out of pattern. Do you know why? Let me explain. I don’t have a window anymore. Or at least such that I can use to watch the city. Because now my window only shows the green grass in my new place. Just one day after I reached and passed another year in my life, I moved away to live in a place, which is…

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    Version 2.9 – Launched!

    It’s official. Today marks the last year that my age begins with number 2. Kalina, version 2.9 is launched! I hope it will be stable release. This last year was full of amazing moments with friends, new experiences, new adventures…

  • Amairo Top 40 Song Chart

    Amairo Top 40 Song Chart | January 2019

    It’s April, yes. And there’s January in the title, I know. But I just had to start with the beginning of the year. Hello, everyone! This is Amairo and I just had begun another new thing. Yes, I know. I’m…

  • Favorite Albums of 2018

    My Top 13 Favorite Albums of 2018

    Apparently, I’m the person for doing all this charts that nobody else is going to read, but who cares. This time I’m here to talk about my top 13 favorite albums for the past year. And as I look at…

  • Favorite songs of 2018

    My Top 20 Favorite Songs of 2018

    What a year it was, 2018. Musically, I started it off slowly, but in May this has changed. My Last.fm counters shows that I had listen to 12,394 songs last year. YouTube is apparently excluded from this list, so let’s…

  • Amairo Weekly Music

    [Music] New music (1st – 7th October)

    As I’m getting more and more into music lately, I decided to copy myself from my book blog and create this weekly thing called “Amairo Weekly”, in which I can share the new songs, which caught my attention.  Before I…

  • Music Favorites

    Music Favorites | September 2018

    Here we are, I skipped another month. But who cares anyway. I write this for me and for me only. So, what’s up recently is the fact that I listen mostly, if I have to say 95% of the time,…