Winter in Plovdiv

Winter finally came | Life update #1

It’s the end of February and the winter finally came into my city. Plovdiv is known for it’s kind of weather – hot as hell during summer and warm with less chance of snow during the winter. This winter as always we hadn’t had the chance to see the snow until today!

I woke up in the morning to see my path covered with snow. Despite everything I love the snow and every time it’s snowing I’m the most happiest person around, so you can imagine me this morning when I left to work, boy, I was playing in the snow like a child.

Usually I’m listening to music or listening to my latest obsession – audio books, but this morning I was content to just enjoy the snow.

And talking about books – yesterday I finished listening to “A Court of Mist and Fury”, which was my 4th time of reading this book. I love this author and this series and I can’t get enough of it. I’m contemplating which book to begin now.

It’s Monday and strangely I have only 1 event planned for this week except the evenings full of reading and writing and hopefully work on some project, so it’s kind of a relief. Not that I don’t enjoy going out with friends, but most of all I need to rest some more and eventually sleep.


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