Oh, the places you’ll go

Oh, the places you’ll go – no, it’s not Dr. Seuss!

Have you ever wondered where to go? If you’re like me, then the answer is yes. I love traveling and exploring different places, cities and even countries. As I’m writing this in the beginning of May, I should say that this year alone I managed to visit a city I’ve never been before, our capital Sofia – lots of times, and also have new achievement – country I’ve never been before. The country is Turkey and the city I visited is Edirne – it’s really close to the Bulgarian border.

What I’m saying is actually that I’m going to write more about my travels and the places I visit. Sometimes it will be new cities, sometimes will be even a new place in the city I live in. I’m happy to live in one of the oldest cities in the continent, even in the world. Yes, this is it – Plovdiv.

This article goes to announce what I’m going to write about, but you probably understood it as you’re in a section called Travel. Why I’m writing it then? I’m not even sure myself. Probably because I want to say that I’m also going to start a series called “Dream Travel” and will write about the places that I wish to travel to.

I’m really looking forward to actually start writing more in this website. Are you ready to read?


Stock photo credit: Adil Alimbetov

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