How to cope with problems | Life update #2

Being honest, I have no idea. Then why is this title? I don’t know. It just happened to be like this.

I made this website, so I can write whatever I want, but it can be seen that I’m missing, most of the time. It turned out that life just happened and took all my time and filled it with worries and hard times. So, shall I start with the beginning?

First of all, I don’t want this to be a post where I’m writing all my problems and all. So, I’ll be short, I promise. It’s not a secret that my dad have heart problem, but in the beginning of May we learnt that he have cancer. There had a surgery and now doctors says he have around 10-15 years more to live. This upcoming Monday is his first chemotherapy. Then, I lost my job and have to start looking for another one asap. Luckily, I ‘ve managed to find new job, so I’m starting this upcoming Monday.

Apart of this all, I had to go to the dentist and have 2 teeth removed. It was the biggest pain. Then tons of other things. And then yesterday we’ve got the call that my uncle (my dad’s brother) is in a hospital and doctors gave him no more than 5 days. I’m still not over this.

It’s not that much, you may say, but emotionally it’s way too much. How I managed to stay sane and continue with life and even go to a friend’s wedding – I have no idea. But I’m mastering it. Being stone cold is a huge business as I”m always the emotional one.

So here are my tips:

  • Find something you love and stuck with it. For me this was my reborn love for EXO – EXO is K-pop band. Thanks to them and my new friend Mopi, I managed to survive. She helped me to go through this without even knowing it. I was learning the boys’ names, their positions, their powers. I was watching MV’s on YouTube and learning lyrics. My mind was busy and this was good.
  • Continue with an old favorite. Despite all the EXO stuff, I managed to read some more good books and wonder about the caracters and not thinking of what may happen tomorrow.
  • Try playing a game. I’m not a gamer, but recently I’ve downloaded “My Star Garden” and play it on my phone whenever I can. This keeps the brain busy as well.
  • Stay positive. There is a place I visit every day – I buy my coffee from there. There’s awesome art on the wall and there’s a phrase – “Positive things happen to positive people”, so I tried to start every single day with positive thoughts. It sounds stupid, but it helps.
  • Meet your friends. You know, when there’s hard moments you find who your true friends are. I’m glad I have such good friends. They are my treasure. Dani and Milena, Zori, Temi, Nicky and Kyo – thank you for being such great friends. Also Mopi – just the best!

I know there’s much more things, but this was essential for me. Just, do what you love, be positive and love your friends. At the end of the day, it’s your choice how to live and what to do when you fall. Bad things won’t stop happening and even if you’re not prepared, do your best and don’t fall apart. “Don’t let the hard days win“, okay?


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