My Top 20 Favorite Songs of 2018

What a year it was, 2018. Musically, I started it off slowly, but in May this has changed. My counters shows that I had listen to 12,394 songs last year. YouTube is apparently excluded from this list, so let’s say around 20 thousands of plays were made last year. I say this is pretty much well.

Looking back, I continued listening some of my favorite rock groups and added a few more. The biggest change last year was the fact that I began listening Asian music again, mostly k-pop, which to be honest, I haven’t expected at all.

While looking at my work duties I kinda found the time and compiled this list of my favorite songs that I listened to this year. There are lots of songs released in 2018, but also some oldies that I found this year for myself and without further ado, here’s the list of my favorite songs, starting with the last to the first. It was very difficult to narrow it down, just so you know.

20. Breaking Benjamin – The Dark of You

I am not a huge listener of Breaking Benjamin, but this song was heavily recommended by Velina of My Rock Mixtapes, so I gave it a go and apparently loved it. It’s a slow ballad song and have a meaningful lyrics, so be sure to check it out. Also, if you’re fond of rock music, check out Velina’s website, it’s surely one to follow.

19. Letzte Instanz – Children (feat. Orphaned Land)

I like Letzte Instanz and back in the time when I was listening a lot German music, they were one of my favorite bands, so at the beginning of the year I suddenly stumbled upon their new album “Morgenland”, which I really liked. The song “Children” features Orphaned Land and it’s really really interesting song, so be sure to check out the lyrics as well. It’s kinda long than most songs, but it deserves all the time of listening to it.

18. Super Junior-D&E – ‘Bout You

What should I say. Let the k-pop come in the house. Super Junior is one of my favorite bands since 2010 and it was natural to follow this sub-unit especially when Donghae is one of my fav members. ‘Bout you is very catchy and playful song and it’s a good to dance to. Also, the whole album is full of awesome songs. Shout out to “RUM DEE DEE” as well.

17. HALO – 니가 잠든 사이에 (While You’re Sleeping)

HALO are the first k-pop band I went to see live ever. They were in my country and I’m glad I went to see them even though I was not big on k-pop at this moment. It was truly a nice experience and it turned out that the band became one of my favorites later. I now know their whole discography. “While You’re Sleeping” is one of their oldest songs, but is one of my favorites. Check out also their latest song “O.M.G.” and be sure to follow for more good music.

16. KAT-TUN – Unstoppable

KAT-TUN is definitely one of my all time favorite Japanese bands and even though they are 3 members now (begin with 6 original members), I still continue to listen to them. Last year they dropped a brand new album and their newest leading song “Unstoppable” caught my attention. It’s an upbeat song, with memorable lyrics and nice tune, so I like to listen to it mostly. It kind of reminds me of their old songs. Unfortunately, they are not on YouTube, so I can’t show you the song with better quality and I bet even this live will disappear some time later.

15. Kris Wu – Freedom (feat. Jhené Aiko)

I haven’t expected liking Kris Wu’s songs that much. “Freedom” featuring Jhené Aiko is such good songs, but this goes as well for all his songs, especially from his album “Antares”, which hit the streaming sites on 2 November this year. I will for sure continue enjoying his work.

14. NCT 127 – Regular (Korean ver.)

NCT 127 is one of NCT’s units, which is so difficult to remember. It took me some time to get the whole idea and still can’t name all the members, but I’m learning. Their album “Regular – Irregular” is my first comeback with them and I really liked the song “Regular”, Korean version is kinda more my style. There is English version as well, so you can check it out. I’ll be looking to here more from them in the future as well.

13. EXO – Gravity

Here’s my dope. I know EXO since their debut, but this year I fell hard for them and choosing so few of their songs for my top 20 is hard. If I could, I would list them all. “Gravity” is one of the back tracks, but I love it deeply. The beat and the lyrics are strong and it’s surely catchy one.

12. EXO-CBX – Blooming Day

EXO’s first sub-unit, consisting of Chen, Baekhyun and Xiumin released their second mini-album this year and “Blooming Day” is an absolutely bop. The tune is super addictive and the lyrics are easy to remember. I caught myself lots of times humming exactly this song, but you better also check their other releases and also Japanese ones as well. I recommend especially “Horololo” too.


Let’s go a bit underground and give a chance to “IGOHOLIC”. PLT are not a band, this is a whole label, but the artists occasionally gather and create especially good songs like this one. I liked it from the first listen and after that just had to check all their other releases and they’re good, let me tell you. Members solo projects are that good too.

10. Chanyeol & Sehun – We Young

First duo by EXO members, releasing an official song. (Correct me if I’m wrong). Chanyeol and Sehun are EXO’s rappers and getting to listen them sing, especially Sehun, was such a good idea. I love Chanyeol’s voice and this song is so catchy and upbeat, it’s really one of the most listened by me songs last year.

9. LuHan – Adventure Time

I fell for LuHan, what should I say more. This songs is one of his oldest, but oh how good it is. I listened to it on repeat for far too many times. It gives me an inspiration and while listening to it I feel I can power through all the impossible tasks I usually have. It’s catchy and LuHan’s voice is super addictive. His ballads are good to listen as well.


I guess I’m not surprising anyone anymore. I’m a huge fan of Lay’s solo projects. He is amazing singer, dancer, producer and so inspiring person, I can’t even describe my respect for him. “NAMANANA” is the lead song for his 3rd album with same title and it’s a bop. I’m extremely addicted to it.

7. Baekhyun & Loco – YOUNG

Sorry-not-sorry. Baekhyun is a pure addiction. He’s one of EXO’s main vocalists for a reason. He’s having so powerful voice, that I can’t resist and combines with Loco makes this song an ultimate addiction. The day it came out I listened to it the half the day and wasn’t able to stop listening even now. It’s awesome.

6. EXO – Love Shot

The title of the repackaged 5th album “Love Shot” comes at number 6, however hard decision is this. I love this song a lot and will surely keep listening to it for a long time. The MV itself is a killer and have to say it, but this guys are sexy as hell.

Entering top 5. This was difficult, I was staring at the songs for too long, but yey, there they are, my most favorite songs last year.

5. Monsta X – Shoot Out

Monsta X are one of my absolute favorite bands. I began listening their music this March and since then they really grow on my list. “Shoot Out” is super catchy song, with lyrics to remember. The MV is delight to watch and I like the rap line way too much to be honest.

4. EXO – Electric Kiss

I’m truly in love with this song. This is the main song from EXO’s first Japanese album and as a lover of J-pop and Japanese language as well, this song and the whole album as well, just hit the spot for me. I can listen to it on repeat for a week and will still like it and want to listen even more. Truly amazing!

3. 14U – 나침반 (N.E.W.S)

My biggest discovery of the year, apart of EXO are this amazing band 14U. This is their their first more recognized song and the one, which caught my attention at the first place. That one I can’t listen on repeat for too many times as well and I’m glad the label took our wishes and uploaded the song on Spotify, which the place I use to listen music in the past 2 years. I can’t wait for more by them and I’m sure this is going to become one of my most favorite bands of all time.

2. Lay – Sheep (Alan Walker Relift)

The lead sheep of China, along with Alan Walker created a song, which is just too good. Take “Sheep”, mix it with Alan Walker skills and here is the relift version I love in my core. Just press the “Play” button, okay?

1. EXO – Tempo

Too many EXO, I know. But how to skip vocal kings? It’s impossible. “Tempo” deserves number 1 at all costs. The song mix genres, it’s upbeat, it shows it’s tempo despite not following it close. It have acapella, also their voice harmonization, also rap line, also machine voice, also amazing MV, also also… their’s not much words to describe how good is this song. Listen to it! Just give it a listen! It’s the song you need! I promise!

And that’s all. These are my top 20 favorite songs for 2018. I can’t wait for the new things all these great bands and musicians have in store for us for the new year and I’m sure that I’ll be able to find even more great songs to listen to.

Amairo out

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