Amairo Top 40 Song Chart | January 2019

It’s April, yes. And there’s January in the title, I know. But I just had to start with the beginning of the year.

Hello, everyone! This is Amairo and I just had begun another new thing. Yes, I know. I’m not really good at following my ideas here, but well. Anyway, this “kind of” chart comes from TEA Top 30 K-pop Songs Chart from the website I run with a few friends. In there we’re trying to do more professional thing, but as there had some songs, which didn’t made it to the official chart, I decided to begin one of my own.

The difference here is that I decided in monthly charts to include only the songs that came out the exact same months. This means in January chart you’ll see only songs released in January, and none of them will appear in February’s chart, coz there will have only songs from February. I hope you understood my point. I took the idea from Miss Mopi!

I also made a playlist with the songs, so if you’re interested, you can listen right away. So, without further ado, let’s jump in to the chart!

Amairo Top 40 Song Chart | January 2019

40. Junoflo – Statues
39. SHAUN – Bad Habits
38. Kim Soo Chan – YOU & ME
37. CLC – NO
36. SoRi feat. Jaehyun – I’m Ready
35. N.Flying – Rooftop
34. Hyomin – U Um U Um
33. Lee So Ra feat. Suga (BTS) – Song Request
32. M.O.N.T – Will You Be My Girlfriend?
31. Lim Chae Eon – Like a Flower
30. MustB – I Want You
29. Niel (TEEN TOP) – Behind You
27. Woody – Fire Up
26. Ungjae (IMFACT) – Vanilla Sky
25. Bang Yongguk – Hikikomori
24. LU:KUS – Faker
23. Seyoung – Winter Rain
22. Mckdaddy – Issue
21. MFECT – Designer
20. Yuri – Follow Nature
19. PENTAGON – Cosmo
18. Apink – %% (Eung Eung)
17. VERIVERY – Ring Ring Ring
16. GFRIEND – Sunrise
15. KNK – Lonely Night
14. Jvcki Wai, Young B, Osshun Gum, Han Yo Han – DDing
13. ASTRO – All Night
12. IMFACT – Only U
11. Ryeowook (Super Junior) – I’m Not Over You
10. SEVENTEEN – Home
9. Roh Tae Hyun (HOTSHOT) – I Wanna Know
8. GOT7 – I Won’t Let You Go
7. Ryeowook (Super Junior) – Drunk In The Morning
6. NeonPunch – Tic Toc
5. Chung Ha – Gotta Go
3. ONEUS – Valkyrie
2. iKON – I’m OK
1. ATEEZ – Say My Name

Amairo out

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