Sunday night at the end of September

It’s the last Sunday in September. I’m sitting comfortably on my bed and listen to Spotify playlist full of ballads.

Evenings are my favorite time to write and here I am. While just thinking, there’s tons of thing I want to write about, but when it’s time to write everything, I blank out. Go figure.

The past couple of days were boring. I was so sick, that my boss gave me permission to work at home. What you see in the pic on the right is my home desk and an article I was reading. It felt cozy. And actually I’m beginning to like my home setting more and more.

I’m dreading next week. I have so much things to do – I need to complete music playlist and do my part of deciding the songs for TEA Top 30, also write all my scribbles and notes on my laptop, so I can send them to the correct people.

Talking about music, it’s a huge release week. Beginning from tomorrow, there’s the new ONEUS EP, that I believe it’s going to be super amazing. Then on Tuesday Chen’s second mini-album comes out, which is full of ballads. I was super impressed by the teasers and I can’t wait to watch and listen to the whole thing. Finally, on 4th there’s SuperM’s debut. I’m still angry that my pre-order was cancelled, but still going to support these hardworking men.

My reading week wasn’t good though. I’m currently reading “Our Chemical Hearts” by Krystal Sutherland and oh, boy! how boring is this book. I’m halfway through and am hardly pushing myself to read, because it’s for my monthly bookish podcast.

On a final note, here’s the songs I listened while writing this post.
Ryeowook – I’m not over you
Park Ki Young – Sorry to
EXO – Universe
Chen – Cherry Blossom Love Song
Lee Seok Hoon – Don’t love me
Lim Chang Jung – There has never been a day I haven’t loved you
EXO – Miracles in December
EXO – For Life


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