Free Mondays are rare.

Free is not the right word, to be completely honest. Out of office will do better. But however I say it, today I managed to finally put most of my things in order.

As a too active multitasking person, I usually find myself in place where instead of doing everything, I miss most of the things. Let me say that I hate it. That’s why I finally sat down and created new board on Trello, where I must be able to put all my tasks, meetings and to-do lists in one place. Now all I have to do is just open it every morning, and every time I finish a task. Let’s see how it will work this week.

In other words, I’m trying to beat my depression. If I keep myself busy, then it may loosen its hold on me and let me breathe more easily.

Current BGM: Cold Bay – Too Late

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