What I’ve Done

We’re almost at the end of another decade! Just few days left! And this makes me look back at what I’ve done so far. And what I did for sure is… that I lived! Not that wild as one may expect, but in my own way!

The past year seems like passed right away, but now as I look back it was actually eventful. There were happy moments, but also some bad ones.

  • I managed to end up in hospital twice in 2019. I wish I’ll stay away from this place in the future;
  • I moved away from my parents and I’m finally living alone. Nobody believed that I’ll manage to live alone and actually put myself together. Well, thanks for the hate, but here I am and I’m perfectly fine;
  • I’ve been at 4 concerts this year – I finally succeeded in seeing Godsmack this March and it was epic and super amazing. I’ve also been at 3 k-pop concerts – I saw BLACK6IX, M.O.N.T and IN2IT and if I have enough inspiration these days, I’ll summarize my experience in a blog post;
  • I met an amazing person that I now can say it’s one of my best friends.

This year I also learnt a lot about my mental state and got a few good advises to follow and I’m doing my best to stay physically and mentally healthy. The second part of this is actually very difficult and sometimes I feel lost and lonely.

Do you know… that you can be surrounded by people, but feel so lonely? I’ve experienced this way too many times. I know that this feeling won’t disappear that easily, but I promise, I work on it.

It’s been a long year, right? But I’m glad it’s almost over. And I really hope that next year will be better!

Amairo out

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