Monday, the 6th

New decade! New year! New week, but the same old me.

There’s day when I love Mondays. But there’s days when I don’t really want to be Monday. Today’s the latter. And ya know, I’m sick of it… hiding.

In this new year I promise:

  • to be more confident;
  • to take my time for myself;
  • to express my honest opinion, even though it may hurt someone (and I’m sick to hurt myself by staying silent);
  • to take deep breaths;
  • to go wherever I want;
  • to stay positive.

In less than 5 months I’ll be turning 30. And I’m scared. I want to interact with people, but I also want to turn myself into a hermit and just listen to music and read.

My greatest wish is just to be able to breath. Please!

Amairo out

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