Amairo log: Too Late
VIXX ruined my schedule!

I tried to do all the stuff I have to, as soon as I got home. And instead of this… I ended up watching videos of VIXX for more than 2 hours! Yay, productivity! xD And now I feel how my eyes are slowly, but surely closing as if there’s heavy truck on them.

Anyhow, let’s try to be productive during the moments when I’m actually awake! Also, my hair needs to dry completely before going to bed.

Let’s try with the happy moment of the day. Hmm… *insert blank 5 minutes here* Well, the best thing I can come up with for here is that I took beautiful shot of the sunset. Check the picture on the right. ->

I’m going to cheat with the article too. But… I read this months ago, but I often remember about the article. It’s on Yomadic’s website. The man behind it wrote an article about my city many moons ago and I began following his “adventures”. The one I’m recommending today is about his visit in Chernobyl. He’s now organizing small tours there every year. All the information can be seen on the site.

-> Inside a Nuclear Reactor – The OMFG Chernobyl Tour <-

And finally, time for music. Today I keep listening the songs from yesterday, but added 3 more songs. The first 2 were added on Spotify today, the 3rd one is finally making me like it more.

Amairo’s Daily Playlist:

Lay (EXO) – NAMANANA (Remix)
2Z – My 1st Hero
BTS – Black Swan

Today’s ending fairy is TEY and his cover of “Grenade”!

Amairo out

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