Six Feet Under

I need to talk. With myself.

Dear me, please, stand up! Swallow all the tears and stand up. I know it’s hard and I know you’re hurt. But please, stand up!

I know, the last weeks weren’t easy. But you’ve been through all that much. Don’t fall now. Don’t let them put you down. You deserve better.

I’m tired. I promised to myself that I’ll stay true to myself and won’t let other’s opinions and actions ruin me. But I lowered that stupid wall again and now I’m hurt. I should’ve known that even when people say they care for me, they care only for themselves. And ya know, I’m not mad about it, everyone should always put themselves first, but when with this actions hurt others… then you’d better never say you care.

At this point I should’ve already known that nobody cares about my emotions. That I’m a machine for them. And I should remember that I must build my walls again and never let anyone in.

Am I ready to stand up? Am I ready to put everyone on their rightful position in my life? I should be!!!

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