London 2021 Journal #1

Today is my third day since I have arrived in London and let me tell you, the heat is awful. And yes, this is coming by a person used to live in almost 40 degrees Celsius in Bulgaria. But here, humidity is really high and makes everything worse. And I came for a cooler weather. The joke’s on me, I guess.

I’ve been extremely lucky, I have to admit, as since the day I’ve arrived, Bulgaria is in the green list of countries and I don’t have to isolate. My test was negative, something I expected as I am really careful when it comes to Covid. And now it turns out that I have way too many free days to wonder what to do.

For instance, I don’t really know what to do tomorrow and I don’t feel like going anywhere far away. It’s always so lonely to explore places alone. So I’ll probably only go to Morden station tomorrow to purchase some Oyster travel cards for me and mom, as I promised her to take her to the city, so she can see Westminster, Tower Bridge, and few more places like the Buckingham palace. But that’s for Friday.

Today I’ve managed to walk 9 km, as I went to Sutton. There is a long pedestrian street full of stores and nice places. I’ve visited my fave Waterstones and a store named Shoe Zone, as I’ve purchased 2 pairs of shoes. It was full of people and really nice, to be honest. I must admit, I love this city. It gives me peace and it really feels like home, even though I’ve never lived here more than few months in a row. But still, there’s something in it, that makes me feel good.

If I were to have a job here, one that would pay the bills and let me live freely, I would’ve consider to move here. Yes, I did tried twice so far, but there had circumstances then that made me go back to Bulgaria. Now, I don’t really know. I’m completely different person with different mindset and probably I have more experience with how to find a job. Yes, I still love my current job, it gives me joy and I like working there, also the team (with an exception) is great and this here is just a dream of a person, staying past 10pm in the garden, because everyone in the house are already sleeping.

I wish I had more time to think…

PS: Mosquitos here are gigantic. 🙁

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