Amairo Log: Don’t Tell


I have no idea how I managed to change my routine that much that I keep staying awake at night. I thought it is some sort of insomnia, but then it can’t be as I love to sleep and can do it all the time. The thing is I prefer to sleep during the day and stay awake at night.

My mom always joke that I don’t have a birthday, but birthnight, because I was born at 3:50am and this is why I’m awake during the wrong part of the day.

My theory though is that I live in Japanese time, because mentally I want to live there instead of in Bulgaria. Either Japan, or South Korea or even China. But then, I only understand Japanese enough to be able to make it there.

This evening is no different and it’s past midnight and I am still awake. I’m having only million new ideas for stuff to do, but I’m procrastinating. People are asking me for stuff to do that I don’t have mood for and it only makes me more and more tired. And when I’m forced to do something, this only makes me procrastinate even more.

I blame myself for things that are out of my control. I want to be more consistent and present on my social media channels – preferably Twitter and Instagram, but I keep forgetting to update them. Is this what life is when you are adult?

This post is loosing its meaning and it’s now random paragraphs consisting my current thoughts, but that’s okay.

Today’s language: Sesotho
Photo by Michael Ender on Unsplash

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