About Me


I am:
Kalina (mostly known as Kiki or Amairo)

95% Taurus, 5% Gemini and 100% Stubborn

What I do every day?
As an average person, I work every day, I listen to music and try to read as much as I can. Sometimes I write…

What I do for a living?
I’m a project manager in a company called translate plus. I make sure that my clients are getting the best translation ever. I’m a English – Bulgarian translator from time to time and sometimes I create websites with WordPress.

Which book I read the most?
“The Lord of the Rings” by John R.R. Tolkien.

What? Do I travel?
I love to travel. As much as I can. If I can, I’d like to visit a different place every single month.

Which countries I have visited so far?
Greece, Germany, France, Switzerland, Great Britain and Turkey.

Which countries I’d like to visit?
Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, China, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

Favorite music genre?
K-pop, visual kei, rock and worship music.

Favorite musicians?
EXO, GUILD, ATEEZ, VIXX, BLACK6IX, A.C.E, Acoustic Corporation, Three Days Grace, Cold Bay, Xydo, Tasha Cobbs Leonard, Crowder, Sevak Khanagyan.

Favorite, however unusual thing?
I love to read about skyscrapers.

Where you can find me?!
– True East Asia
– Amairo Bookshelf – English version / Bulgarian version

For contact?!
See here!