Amairo Log: Turbulence

“Turbulence means nothing if God is the pilot.”

― Matshona Dhliwayo

If I can describe 2021 with a word, it would be “turbulence”. So many things has happened to me and my family, that I can’t even remember what was I thinking in the beginning of those 12 months. This period feels like a century rather than just few months. Thinking about it, it was a wild ride.

We still have 19 days till the end of the year and my yearly wrap up, but today I felt like sharing a bit. I was hugely inspired by the sermon I heard in today’s church gathering. God has a plan for every single one of us, and though His plan for me seems difficult at this point, He also gives me the power to make it happen. His glory is endless.

In the past years I had a tradition to look back at what happened during the year and what I wish to accomplish in the new one. The latest few years this happens on my book blog, but this year I plan to do this here too, along with writing my goals in different fields for the new 2022. It is not really to bring the attention to those things for other people, but to keep myself accountable if I procrastinate.

So this post is something like a prelude to the big one, which I will need to write at some point in the next few weeks, definitely by the end of the year. I need to do this, so I can clear my mind of those things and open my view and my heart for the Lord’s Words, but also for me moving forward.

If I can describe 2021 with a word, it would be “turbulence”, however I chose to use “new life”.

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