• Oh, the places you'll go

    Oh, the places you’ll go

    Oh, the places you’ll go – no, it’s not Dr. Seuss! Have you ever wondered where to go? If you’re like me, then the answer is yes. I love traveling and exploring different places, cities and even countries. As I’m…

  • Winter in Plovdiv

    Winter finally came | Life update #1

    It’s the end of February and the winter finally came into my city. Plovdiv is known for it’s kind of weather – hot as hell during summer and warm with less chance of snow during the winter. This winter as…

  • Life

    Out and about

    This is Kalina (a.k.a. Kiki or Amairo) and this website is my attemp to show myself out. I have book blog, in which I write reviews and other bookish posts, but I wanted to make a space for the other…