I saw Godsmack for the first time and it was amazing


Yes, as the title says it – I saw one of my favorite bands live for the first time. And believe me, it was amazing! I’ve been to lots of live concerts already and usually I’m prepared for everything, but this time was truly epic. Godsmack were epic!

Saturday, March 30th, began slowly, nothing was hinting that I’ll be having an amazing night. At noon I was already prepared and got to meet my friends, so we can get the train to the capital.

Getting the train, we managed to find a compartment for just ourselves and we were only graced by one other girl, who happened to go to the concert as well, so the travel was very pleasant – we listened to Godsmack’s music and prepared ourselves for the huge show.

Even though we got in Sofia a little bit later that we anticipated we managed to get to the venue in time and find a queue. We had no more than 10 minutes of waiting when they opened the venue. And that was the time when we broke into a run. I managed to go to the entrance first and entered the venue. Arena Armeec is a huge venue, a stadium actually, so as soon as I got inside I continued my sprint and thanks to that I managed to find a place in the third row. I were super close to the scene, it was unreal.

The first band to perform was Like a Storm. They are from New Zealand and I must admit that I never heard of them before. Some people around said they are good, but most were not sure. But see, if they weren’t good, they wouldn’t be at a tour with Godsmack, right?

When Like a Storm entered the scene and began playing the first song, they proved us that they know how to perform and have really good songs. I was impressed by their powerful performance and the way they acted with the crowd. What a good first listen to a band. I checked them later and guys, if you have a chance – listen to them and go to their concert if there is such in your country.

Like a Storm
Like a Storm @ Arena Armeec, Sofia

After this powerful performance and a bit of waiting, finally, Godsmack appeared and created one of the best shows I’ve ever been to.

The energy was endless. As they were performing strongly on the scene, we, the public were singing along all the time, accompanying them during every single song.

They played not only the songs from their latest album, but also old and very popular song. The first song, of course, was the newest “When Legends Rise”, followed by “1000HP”. I was so happy when they performed my favorite “Straight out of line” and also the iconic “Voodoo”.

But for me the most awesome part of the whole concert was the drum battle. I love Sully, but Shannon Larkin is my idol drummer and I’ve watched so many drum battles on YouTube, so when the second set of drums appeared on the scene, I was the most happiest person in the world at this current moment. I don’t have enough words to describe how amazing it was and powerful and so perfect. I enjoyed every single second of it.

Sully Erna & Shannon Larkin | Drum battle @ Arena Armeec, Sofia

The encore was not only powerful, but meaningful. For the first song, which was “Under Your Scars”, a piano appeared on the scene and before playing the song Sully told us about the newly established foundation “The Scars Foundation”, which mission is to help raise awareness of mental health issues. I truly appreciate it as person, who had been and still falls into depression at some points. And the performance was everything.

As the encore continued, Godsmack played 3 more songs – “Bulletproof”, cover of “Come together” by Beatles and finally “I Stand Alone”. But we were not alone. 12 thousands crowd was singing along and it was amazing.

The concert was truly a blast. I’m glad I was able to go even though I got sick after that. It really truly worth it! And the good news is that they promised to come back again and I’m already prepared to go enjoy this band again and again and again!

Amairo out

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