“We’re all in charge of our own lives — and we have to live with the consequences of the choices we make.”

― Richelle Mead, The Glittering Court

I was supposed to do a bunch of stuff today. But when I woke up in the morning, the motivation to move went on a holiday and I did nothing at all. Sometimes we really need time to unwind, right? So I decided it will be my day to not do anything and just be!

But… there is always “but”, right? Yeah, but… At later afternoon I had no idea what to do with myself, sleeping wasn’t an option and this hot weather isn’t something I’d like to experience every single day. So I stayed at home, but made a plan on new activities.

My bestie Kalina, with whom I share the same name, inspired me for a change. Well, she’s actually switching activities and will pause blogging and reading, but that made me stop and think for myself why I feel stuck. This gave me power to actually admit what I want to do and what I don’t. So, thank you Ladybug for being accidental inspiration! You know I love you! \(^~*)/

I have 23 days before my trip to UK. And just arranged a trip within the trip. 31st July and 1st August will be dedicated for visiting a friend in Nottingham. I’m super excited as this will be my first time getting outside of London, if we don’t count my stay at the different airports, haha! Wish me luck not to get lost! Lol!

I’m slowly planning my stay, but I have to start planning what I need to do before I go. There are so many things to be done – scheduling visit to my hair dresser, paying the bills, arranging a return of the faulty microwave (after 2 months light usage it just decided to die and not heat anything), scheduling PCR test… and of course go to work all the time. I think I need a clone. I think the things that makes me keep being sane are talking to friends and listening to music. Which leads me to…

A.C.E’s album “SIREN : DOWN” is pure masterpiece and I’m gonna write about it in a separate post, but I wanted to share this here too. I’m listening to it along with EXO’s special album and those two releases are more than awesome!

And as a final thought for this chaotic post, let me confess that it is scary to live alone when there is thunderstorm outside. Or maybe I’m just a chicken. Who knows…

Amairo out

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