London 2021 Journal #2

It’s my 17th day in the UK today and despite the nice weather I decided to stay home. Felt a bit off this morning when I woke up, my stomach not used to have that much food protested. But it’s nice to have some time for myself and sort the thing out in my mind.

So far I visited a lot of nice places – my favorite Tower Bridge, which I plan to visit once more before I leave, Westminster, Buckingham Palace and the garden near it. I went to the free Harry Potter tour, which I intended to visit and finally visited O2 Arena. I really hope that next time I go to O2, I would be able to attend a concert. I’m still not over that fact I missed Miyavi the last time, even after 4 years.

Spending time here, in the city, always makes me think and I have few new things in mind, which hopefully I would be able to do once I got back in Bulgaria. It’s all about changing my perspective in life and what is to come, and a lot of new things are coming for sure.

My 2 days in Nottingham gave me a lot to think about as I met new people, saw very different environment and experienced things that looks normal enough, but deep inside got me new meanings of who am I and who I want to be in the future.

I know I can do better. I’ve just missed to give myself a chance. Life is ahead, I should be going this way and won’t let people ruin this for me.

Amairo out

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