First Plovdiv WordPress Meetup | February 2018

Web & Projects / Thursday, February 22nd, 2018

It was 2008 when I started using WordPress for the first time. I was naive 18 years old girl, who wanted to write her ramblings somewhere and back then being a blogger was a thing. At least I thought so. And so, I made my account on with the stupidest user name, which strangely I still use.

Of course, things changed and over the years I learnt a lot and eventually switched my account in in sake of using the more stable (for me) version from Well, at first this kind of broke my account as I still was not that experienced and didn’t have huge salary, but later on I loved the fact that I can manage my own hosting account and do with my sites whatever I want.

I love WordPress and I wanted to do more with it and it did happen. I now work in a digital agency, which uses WordPress for creating websites for businesses. And I’m happy about it.

And you have no idea how amused I was to see that there’s going to have an official meetup in the city I live in. So I went. And it was awesome.

In the beginning there was some kind of small talk. As it was the first time, the people who organized it was in charge of the talking. But it was very helpful, because I learnt some thing I have not been aware of.

I am a nerd, let me tell you. What I love the most is preparing a huge cup of coffee and start creating brand new websites. This is my power – as simple as the WordPress instalation is, the moment of choosing a theme is some pain in the a**. There are websites for which took me 2-3 days to decide what I need and hearing that sooner or later themes will be changes was a thing for me. I solely rely on design and need everything to be created on purpose – with its proper use and perfect appearance. So I listened about Gutenberg project with interest.

Plovdiv WordPress Meetup

The meetup ended with pizza and a beer and talks with everybody. I was kind of shy that evening and talked just a bit, but I listened and I’m happy, because it turned out that I do the things in the right way.

This meetups are going to happen every single month and you know what – I’m going to go again. Even though I won’t be a speaker (but who knows?), I like such events, in which I can learn so much more from experienced people.

Plovdiv WordPress Meetup


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