HALO in Bulgaria | First k-pop live – 13 March 2018

If someone was going to tell me few years ago that I’m going to go on a k-pop band live in Bulgaria, I woul’ve laugh a lot. But yeah, it’s March 2018 and I’ve been at the first k-pop live with a real k-pop band in Sofia, Bulgaria. Hell yeah! The band’s name is HALO as you may see from the title and they rocked the scene just 7 days ago.

They weren’t really known band when the concert was announced, but me and my friends decided to go anyway. I bought my ticket early in January and was patiently waiting for the date to come – 13th March was going to be special. My friend Dani went crazy about the boys actually and was checking every single day till the final day, you should check her Twitter account, she was really passionate about it.

At the day of the councert we formed the group of 5 – me, Milena, Vili (which I saw for the first time in 7 years) and Maria and Ralica, which I met for the first time! Dani went ahead of us, cuz’ she wasn’t able to wait for me to finish my job till noon. We prepared ourselves in the train and by the time we have to enter the Hall everything was perfect, except the fact that the weather decided to shower us with rain.

The organization was good, the scene was prepared even though it was very small in my opinion and the boys weren’t able to show their full potential of dancing. They started with a few songs – I don’t remember the first one, but the second was their newest single – “Here I am”, for which the fan crew here had prepared a few things and we actually knew some of the lyrics, so we were able to sing along.

After the first few songs the boys sat on their chairs and we had full 30 minutes of Q&A. The questions were interesting and the answers were even more interesting. I’ll be quite honest to say that even though I knew about the concert months ago, I had so much things to do, that I wasn’t able to remember the members and I know just Oon and I was happy to see that he sat right in front the part where I and Milena stood and I was able to enjoy the view.

I must say that I really do liked their performances and I their songs, which I now finally know by their titles. I’m absolutely enjoying the song “니가 잠든 사이에 (While You’re Sleeping)” and I made myself a playlist on Spotify with their songs.

I wasn’t able to meet them in person, but I’m glad that I went to see them. The boys deserve their fan base and I’m definitely going to listen to them after the show. I followed them on Instagram and will wait to see what more they have to offer to their fans.

All in all, it was really a fun concert and if they come back one day, I’ll definitely go to see them again. Check them out too!



PS: Photos by “Friday Chopsticks”

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