Music Favorites | September 2018

Here we are, I skipped another month. But who cares anyway. I write this for me and for me only. So, what’s up recently is the fact that I listen mostly, if I have to say 95% of the time, only k-pop music and this is something I’m not content about. Anyways, this time I reached more into the genre and listened to more bands than only EXO and VIXX. As it can be seen from my last update (centuries ago xD), I listened to some NCT 127 and added the band into the list of bands I’ll be checking in the future. 

This month also was a hit for me as we have some solo releases by EXO members. Lay released Alan Walker relift of the iconic song “Sheep”, which actually turned very well and I ended up listening to it all the time. Baekhyun released “Young” along with the rapper Loco and it’s very good song with awesome lyrics. The hit was also the duet of 2 EXO’s rappers – Chanyeol and Sehun. They made awesome song – very catchy and upbeat and I ended up learning even the dance of it. “We Young” is really good and we can appreciate both vocals.

This month was also good with releases by ex. EXO members – Kris Wu, Luhan and Z.Tao also released some songs and I liked them as well. I’m learning how to sing along in Chinese, but it’s still pretty hard, so I mainly just enjoy the songs. 

And without further chatter I’m going to introduce you to the new format of my favorite songs. From this month on, I’ll make chart of the top 13 favorite songs I listened throughout the whole month and hopefully will post it at the end of every month. For September, I chose 13 songs, based on my charts and YouTube history. So let me just show it to you. (As a note, as soon as I compiled the list, I remembered 2 other songs, so it’s more like top 15, but let’s pretend it’s top 13 instead.)

1st Runner Up: LuHan – The Moment

2nd Runner Up: Planetarium Records / PLT – IGOHOLIC 

September 2018 Top 13 Music Favorites

13. BTS – Idol
12. iKON – Killing Me
11. Z.Tao, Diplo and Mo – Stay Open
10. HALO – O.M.G.
9. Monsta X – Black Swan
8. Kris Wu ft. Jhené Aiko – Freedom
7. Chen (EXO) – I’m Not Okay
6. BLACKPINK – Ddu-du Ddu-du
5. GOT7 – Lullaby
4. Girls Generation -Oh!GG- – Lil’ Touch
3. Chanyeol & Sehun (EXO) – We Young
2. Baekhyun (EXO) ft. Loco – YOUNG
1. Lay (EXO) – Sheep (Alan Walker Relift)




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