5 Songs on Friday #1

Friday, December 20th 2019! I’m deadly tired, but don’t want to sleep. And while listening to my favorite music and constantly checking my stats on last.fm, I kinda came up with the title for new topic. Yes, as it can be seen from the title – every Friday I’m going to share 5 songs, which I like.

So, let’s begin!

#1: EXO – Obsession

It won’t be me if I don’t begin with EXO! After all, this is my most favorite group out there. “Obsession” is the title track of their latest album and I love it way too much.

#2: CL – +ONE AND ONLY180228+

CL was the leader and main singer and rapper from the girl group 2NE1. Well, 2NE1 are no longer active and she’s finally out of YGE and she’s back with some new music. The first 6 songs she released are fire and I’m way too addicted to “+ONE AND ONLY180228+” and just can’t stop listen to it. Everybody needs to check it out.

#3: CIX – Numb

CIX are Korean pop group, which debuted this year. And while I liked their debut song and was particularly fond of their Japanese release, I actually am in love with the title track from their first comeback EP. It’s just too good and it stuck in my head for too long already. I love it.

#4: 5 Seconds of Summer – Easier (cover by A.C.E)

The first thing that I need to write is that I actually don’t listen to much Western music. Or actually at all. There is a few songs that I know, but it’s mostly because my favorite Asian artists made covers of this songs. Here’s the same case. I have heard of 5SOS, but never listened to their songs. Well, now I know one and I actually prefer to listen the cover made by A.C.E, which are just better for me – personal opinion of course!

#5: IN2IT – SnapShot

Exactly 2 weeks ago, at this current moment, I was attending IN2IT’s concert in Bulgaria and was able to listen to this song and their other tracks live. It was truly nice experience and the boys are very talented and good at performing live. This song stuck in my mind and I listen to it a lot in the past 2 weeks, so I had to include it here!

Amairo out

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