Amairo, version 3.1 – released

Happy belated birthday to me!

Yet another year has passed and I’m starting to think that all this time is flying with the light’s speed. Blink and you’re suddenly 31 years old. How come?!

Since my last birthday a lot of things have changed. I’m now working as a customers service for few stores. I speak in English every single day. I went through one of the longest reading slumps I ever had. I lost friends and found new ones. It’s been such a journey.

I keep learning every single day. How to be a good person. How to be better. How to overcome the pain. The life is never ending study period and we need to pass our exams.

I spent my birthday with my friends at work and with my mom at home. This is the first birthday where my mom is talking instead of dad. We have this weird tradition of wishing all the best things to one another, especially on my birthday. Dad will no longer be here for this, and this breaks my heart.

But life goes on and I’ll do my best to go forward, keeping my dad’s energy and positive attitude.

This new year of my life will be full of new things. The biggest one that I’m starting driving lessons, so I can drive our car. And a new big dream, which I hope will come true. Will see, I learnt not to make plans.

I wish myself to be healthy – physically and mentally. Other things will come by themselves.

Amairo out

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