Amairo Log: We Just Go Hard

“Notice that autumn is more the season of the soul than of nature.”

― Friedrich Nietzsche

Namastē, dear reader! Welcome back to this forgotten place!

It is again Sunday and I am yet again ready to share some thoughts while drinking my evening coffee. It’s almost mid-September and fall season is ready to take the crown and rule for the next few months. And I am so excited about it.

The past week was really tiring, cuz’ I somehow managed to catch a cold and even lost my voice. Working as a CS rep and losing my voice are not compatible things, I am afraid. So I ended working from home, where no voice is required. But good thing is that I finally feel better, my voice decided to come back from the holiday it went to and I am ready to conquer the world again.

Despite all of the above however, I am slowly and surely getting back to listening more music. Some of my favorite bands released new music – A.C.E, Stray Kids and also the most awaited new single by KAT-TUN, which I am in love with.

Today I also went to my manicurist and got new nails. I am super ready for the fall and I am following some sort of autumn-ish aesthetics, the only thing I need now is more time.

I am rethinking the concept of one of the websites I manage, I want to write more in my bookish blogs too, but I want to listen to more music and also watch some dramas I was planning to. I also want to go out more with friends and enjoy the weather, and also want to study and discover new things. And yeah, 24 hours a day are clearly not enough for all this especially with my work hours.

Yet again I am looking for structure. I need everything to be at least a little bit planned. Knowing myself if will be difficult to follow, but I should at least try. I have to ease my mind or I see a burnout coming my way!

But enough rambling today, here are some random images from the last week.

Crazy thing I’ve done this week was signing up for a penpal website. It turned out it’s more like dating website and I don’t like it. I’m looking for someone, who would like to write letters – the old fashioned way, by hand, and sending them via post. It looks like very difficult to find someone like that these days, ne?

And I’ll be finally ending this non-sense Sunday post with a song recommendation. If you haven’t heard of “AuRoRa” by ONEWE, now is the perfect time to go and check it out!

Amairo out

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