Amairo Log: Desert Eagle


It’s a new week, but also the end of the month. Such an ending, such a beginning. Such a time, war time… The world is fully insane, which makes me feel uneasy.

These days if you are not loud and clear being against the war, people think you are a nazi. It is the time again when the free will to express yourself is taken away and you’re left with no choice, but to take a side. I don’t want to take a side, I’m against the war, and that should be enough. What would change if I only talk and then do nothing? N o t h i n g.


People can be toxic. They just are, they never think how you feel or even care. Some pretend they care, but in the end it turns out it is an act. Again. They make you feel guilty for even trying to put yourself in the first place.

How do you leave when there is too much in your head?


Thinking about someone is an art. Brain and heart are in war. The heart says yes, the brain decide to switch on the “Overthink” mode. It all goes where it should not go and you are left with nothing more, but to wander… The end result is a piece of thing that was supposed to be you.


If they switch you off, move out and turn yourself on in a new place!


Today’s language: Swedish

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