My prayer

I felt like writing my prayer today, as it is a difficult day.

Oh, Lord, I thank You for staying with me today. During difficult times You are always with me and You hold my hand, because You are faithful God, true God. I believe You, Father, that You are in control and whatever You decide is the best decision. You are making a way, Lord, for every little thing You are making a way, and You lead us and help us and You stay with us.

I pray, Lord, that my uncle is now with You and will feel Your love, will stay by Your side. I pray that he will be in that safe place, where nothing hurts. Please, Father, let this be Your word.

I know, Lord, that even though we don’t see You, please lead us and show us our path. Please, give strength to Dima and my aunt, and to the little Adriana. Be with them, Lord, hold their hands. You know how hard is to be in a funeral, you know how hard it is for us to send our beloved to be with You.

My Lord, please keep working in their hearts and open them for You. Show them how to turn to You and reach out to You, because I know You, Lord, I know how good You are and how patiently You wait for us and heal us with Your love. I pray You to forgive us our sins and to accept us for a new life in You, Lord.

In the name of Jesus. Amen.

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