Από τη Φιλιππούπολη στην Αλεξανδρούπολη


Hello, hello! Nope, I haven’t switched to yet another language, but I visited Greece and the title sounds better in Greek! In fact, it kind of recreates the title of one of my favourite Greek songs from the past century. /Well, that sounds like I’m too old lol/

And in case you don’t speak Greek, in the beginning of this September I went to spend my summer holiday in Alexandroupoli in Greece with one of my besties and her family. I might say it was a very nice time.

It has been my 3rd time visiting Alexandroupoli, this time for the longest – 5 days. This city holds a special place in my heart as it has been the first city outside of Bulgaria I have ever visited, back in 2008, with my parents.

I was able to find a very nice place to stay – Aurelia Home. It was a sweet deal and for the time we stayed we paid very little. It might be because we went at the end of the season, but in any case I’m not complaining. If you are interested, click on the above link to check it out. I really liked the place, with the only downfall that it has only one bathroom, but overall great villa.

As expected, we stayed most of the time on the beach. Delving back in my memories, I recommended Delfini Beach Bar and it was top notch as always. This year the staff was pure perfection – the single fact that they delivered salad without olives and olive oil is impressive.

We’ve also had some walks in the city, ate in a lovely restaurant and visited the big church there – Cathedral of St Nicholas, which is kind of mixture between Orthodox and Catholic styles. Of course, we visited the port and the famous Lighthouse of Alexandroupoli.

Honestly, I really liked it there and definitely want to go another time. Hopefully by then I will understand at least few more words in Greek.

Being back home, even now after 3 weeks have passed, my mood is heavily influenced by those few days and I can’t stop listening Greek music, so enjoy the song I was writing about earlier in this post below.

Amairo out

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