Goodbye, 2022!~

Yet another year is over and I can believe that we are already counting the last hours of 2022. It’s been slow, but also somehow really fast.

I’m afraid to write any conclusions about the last year, I’m just gonna write it was an eventful one. I went to 3 weddings in September, managed to visit another country – my favourite Alexandrupoli in Greece, and had overly calm year, if we don’t count the heartbreak (okay, getting dramatic, lol).

I was able to read 36 books this year, with only 3 rereads. I also worked on 3 books and 2 of them has my name as an editor. says I have over 26K scrobbles this year, which makes it the second year that I listened lots of music, topped only by 2020 with almost 32K scrobbles. I hope next year will be more successful on this front.

I had huge plans for watching movies, but it seems I failed miserable here. Maybe next year will be better, but we will see.

How was your 2022?

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