• Amairo Log

    Amairo Log: But Not For Me

    Salve! I’m getting lost in planning. I’m trying to organize a party and I suddenly realized that I managed to invite 25 people. 25!!! This is the most I’ve ever had so far, or at least that much I remember.…

  • Amairo Log: Slowly
    Amairo Log

    Amairo Log: Slowly

    Kaixo! This evening I felt the urge to just sit down and write and here I am, without any idea, but desire for writing. So that’s gonna be a chaotic post… if I ever had one non-chaotic. Lol. First off,…

  • Amairo Log

    Amairo Log: Faith

    שלום It’s been almost a month since my last post, but recently everything is so hectic. I was having the idea to write, but her majesty “Inspiration” was hiding from me. And then I was so busy, and then… I…

  • Amairo Log

    Amairo Log: Vibin

    “Hello! My name is Kalina and it would be my pleasure to assist you today.” <- my new introduction, cringe-worthy and mechanic, but it’s not. I actually mean it and I like what I do. It may not be the…

  • Amairo Log

    Amairo Log: Amnesia

    23-тият ден на 2021 година Най-накрая се реших, че е време за промяна. Никога не съм обичала да седя прекалено много време на едно място или пък без никаква промяна, пък било то и минимална такава. Затова от днес отново…

  • Basquiat
    Amairo Log

    Amairo Log: Basquiat

    Още една седмица, в която не свърших нищо. Ходя на работа, прибирам се, ям, спя. И после пак същото. Някак си не си представях ежедневието си по този начин и не ми харесва. Днес обаче седнах и писах. Ей така,…