Amairo Talks: On Work & Hobby Attitude and Why We Need to Know Ourselves

Amairo Talks

Welcome to “Amairo Talks” – a weekly rubric, where I’m going to share my personal views and opinion on certain life topics. Have a cup of coffee and let’s begin!

Have you ever dreamt of having the best carrier where you’ll work what you love and everything will be okay? A lot of people are having this dream and if you work hard and are lucky enough, you’ll get there sooner or later. However…

Everyone will be able to achieve the above in a perfect world. But a perfect world does not exist. An utopia at this point is an unreachable future, mostly likely to be dystopia instead. But this is not the theme here, so let’s go back to the real existing world and let me tell you what I think about attitude – working attitude and so called (by me) hobby attitude.

Amairo Talks: On Work & Hobby Attitude and Why We Need to Know Ourselves

Good work attitude – in my opinion this is the best attitude. You like what you work and go to your work place with joy. My personal promise to myself is to change my job as soon as I stop anticipating going to work. So far I’m good at keeping my promise. At the moment I like what I do and even though this is not my passion, it still pays the bills and I feel better doing it. I may not love it with passion, but I like it.

Hobby attitude – this is when you love what you do, but it’s not paying the bills. Here you can be yourself and do the things on your own pace. Still with a structure, if you like structure of course, but more relaxed.

Bad work attitude – when you don’t like what you do, but you need to earn money in some way.

What to do and what not to do

Know yourself!!! This would be my best advise, like for everything! Before starting a job or agree to help with a project – think what are you capable of and what time you can spare.

Yes, young people should try out new things until they find out what they want to do and what they are good at. In these cases it would be the best to follow the good work attitude – do your job, excel in it and finish it. Never leave a work project or even a hobby project somewhere during the process, especially when more people are involved. It’s not professional and at a later time may ruin your reputation.

My personal example: I have participated in the creation of a NGO. It dealt with theater and most of the participants were actors and my colleagues from the Academy. In the beginning everything was good and we were working on the projects, however with time I started losing focus and the desire to participate. However, as a responsible person, I explained the things to my colleagues, finished all I had to do accordingly and then left the group. So yes, this NGO is still operating in full capacity, but my departure from there did no harm to the organization.

Questions to ask yourself

There are a few questions, which I would recommend to ask yourself before stating any job.

  1. Can I do this type of work? And if no, do I want to learn how to do it?
  2. Do I see myself working this after a year?
  3. Am I ready to sacrifice some of my free time in order to better myself?
  4. Do I feel confident enough to start doing it?
  5. Do I have enough time for this? (if you are starting to work on a project apart of your job)

A genius friend of mine once told me that mindset is everything and if you strongly believe, you’ll get what you want. So make sure to know yourself, be yourself and follow your mindset. This may not guarantee you the best of life, but at least it will be happier one!

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2 thoughts on “Amairo Talks: On Work & Hobby Attitude and Why We Need to Know Ourselves

  1. Great advice n tips for diverse audience…
    True said.. “The only thing between you and your dream is You… ” i.e. Oue attitude… ✌️👌

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