Amairo Log: Waiting

It’s already December and I have no idea how this year is ending so fast. Days and nights are passing by, life is changing, I am changing… myself. But not without noticing how vulnerable I am, what stopped me before and what stop me now. My weakness? I’m brutally honest.


My brain is processing things faster, so I am usually at least few steps before others. But this also makes people hate me. I don’t want people to hate me, so I slow down. Then people still hate me and I have to ask myself is it me or I’m not in the right place with the right people.


I need to stop think that I’m less. Because we are all humans. No one is more than me and I’m not more than others. Don’t let people make you think you are less.


I love long guitar solos. They make me feel complete and peaceful. We need to listen to more music that makes us feel this way. I would recommend “Wasted Sunsets” by Deep Purple – it is an amazing song.


I know it’s hard, but everything will pass. Believe in God and He will do what’s best for you.


If you can’t fall asleep, listen to a lullaby!

Amairo out


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