2022 Desirables


We are 10 days into the new year and so far it was full of work, but also thousands of plans, to-do lists and everything else in between. So far I’ve managed to finish one book and begin the second one, reading slowly, but consistently. Hopefully I’ll be able to read more this year.

Why 2022 Desirables? I wrote the word “Resolutions”, then saved a draft and came back here days later. I knew something felt off with this word, and knowing myself and my luck, nothing would ever gonna happen if it is a resolution. So I was thinking… and after 2 hours I finally found the word I needed – desirables. Because there are many things that I want to do and achieve this year, but when I set it like that… it’s bound to not happen.

What I want to do in 2022? What I want to write this year? I decided to dedicate this 2022 to writing. More here, more on my book blog, and most of all – more on True East Asia website. I also want to educate myself on diverse topics and how to better do it than starting educational classes online. More on this below.

So, here comes some sort of plan – what will be happening here, on this blog. Not because someone would be that much interested, considering the views, but to keep myself accountable. So let’s begin.

Let’s start with “Hello”
2022 Desirables

As it can be seen, the beginning of this blog post is “Привет” (Privet), which is a way to say hello in Bulgaria. Also in Russia, but this is for another time. And I plan to begin every post from now on with Hello on a different language. Of course, at the end of the post will be listed information about the language I have used.

Amairo Talks & Sidereal Nocturne

“Amairo Talks” was supposed to be weekly rubric, but given how many of them there is so far (yeah, just one), I thought it will be better to be a monthly post, which I can draft every single day till I’m content with it. And I can write a lot more about the chosen topic of the month, which is a plus.

The so called “Never gonna happen” Sidereal Nocturne newsletter was turned into a rubric. I’ve found very interesting theme about it and will stick to it as much as I can. This is also going to be a monthly post as I’m way too busy with my actual work and still have not found that balance, which will allow me to do everything I want.


Thanks to the company I work in, I now have unlimited access to LinkedIn Learning, which is something that I love. So I’m going to share about some courses that I’ll attend (or attended already) and add highlights, so if someone else is interested, can have an idea what to look for.

What I’ve learned is that no matter the age, we need to keep learning new things – about the world, about ourselves, about everything.


And last, but not least, I decided to start watching more movies and dramas this year. I’m planning to have dedicated day from the week, when I know that my evening will be occupied with a movie, an episode of a drama or documentary.

And those are the plans for this blog. I need to write more in general and hopefully I will be able to stick to my plans. Let’s see.

Amairo out

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