Angels Calling

I still remember when I was a small kid and the war in Kosovo was taking place. All the bad news, the evenings when there was no electricity and only candles were our way to see each other. The bombing… I was 9 years old and even though we were not in Kosovo, but in Bulgaria, the fear was real, was there.

I had no idea what does the war mean. I could only see the faces of the adults and their panicked eyes when a massive sound thundered. Is it coming here too?

Fast forward to 2022…

Less than 500km. This is the distance between Bulgaria and Ukraine. The distance between peace and war. Europe, the Old Continent where all two world wars happened, again in the line. Again the bombing and terror. The e-mails from people you work with, telling you that maybe there is no tomorrow for them. The fear!!!

It is real. It is here…

May Lord save us from all this! This is my prayer today. I hope yours too.

One thought on “Angels Calling

  1. Indeed… What a sad day…
    The trembling voices im sheer fear …. Make ur heart bleed.
    And same time very angry at those devils who planned these big wars to take control of the world at expense of innocent lives 😭😪
    Hope someone wakes up to sanity n rise above their ego before it is too late indeed…


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