Amairo Log: Feedback


It’s been a while, as usual. I’m terrible at posting regularly, even though I want to. Stuff keeps happening and I can’t really make the time for writing, which is sad. But I really wanted to add here some things that I liked and observed during the past few weeks, so when the future me revisit this post one day, it will be something nice to remember.

First, Ariel. I’m following Ariel Bissett on YouTube since 2017 and she is one of the creators I like and I’m still watching. She is funny, never boring and really enjoy the content she creates. Recently I got back to watching YouTube after I abandoned it since the beginning of 2020 and watched all of her videos that I missed. She’s such great inspiration with all the videos and renovating the house she purchased, and also inspired me to somehow put myself together. So then after all the videos I had to watch finished, the only logical thing was to subscribe to her Patreon account, and this is also a great blessing. She’s such a lovely girl, honestly. Watch her videos here.

I have updated this website’s view to be more autumnal and I like the symbolism in everything. I wanted to write a whole post about it, but then I had to do something and when I got back I wasn’t up for it and then lost the point of doing it with wrong timing. But yeah, I like this new look and hopefully I’ll keep it until Christmas time.

It’s a purge time!!! I’m cleaning my life from all the toxic people and Internet things. I’ve started slowly, but surely, to uninstall apps, take a break from people on Facebook, unfollow people of Twitter and Instagram, limiting access to harmful and offensive websites… and it feels amazing. Please, no more drama. I can’t take it anymore. I also want to remove Facebook and Messenger from my phone, but let’s first see how the things will go from now.

I’m obsessed with the song “Feedback” from Xiumin’s solo debut. The whole mini-album is great and all songs are pure awesomeness. This one though caught my attention fully and I can’t stop listening. Please, check it out.

Today’s language: Portuguese
Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

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