Amairo Log: Rover

Happy May Day! ๐Ÿ™‚

I can’t believe it is the beginning of May already. 4 months of the year just passed by so quickly, I haven’t even get when. It’s finally starting to be warmer and very nice to get out on a walk. I’m mostly stuck at home tho, unfortunately. Hopefully I will be able to get out more in the upcoming days.

I’m trying to refresh all my content everywhere and start writing more of what I like and am interested in right now. And I will need to bring my laptop somewhere, so my T can be fixed, it’s getting on my nerves. Lol.

Currently reading

I’m currently reading two books – okay, one of them is on hold for some time, but I plan to get it to is soon.

“Die Tuchvilla” (The fabric village) by Anne Jacobs – 19%

“You, Me, Forever” by Jo Watson – 10%

Currently watching

I’m currently watching “The Crown” on Netflix and it is really interesting. I’m yet to watch the 6th episode from the 1st season, but I’m slowly moving forward. I will also need to restart and finish the k-dramas that I’m watching, so I can get them off of my list.

New posts

I’ve revived my English bookish blog from the ashes and managed to post 2 new posts. Hopefully I’ll manage to update it regularly, along with the BG one.

The Language blog: Introduction

New book releases: 1 โ€“ 7 May 2023


Amairo out

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