Movie Review: Hyung (2016)

Original title: 형 (Hyung)
English title: My Annoying Brother
Release date: 23 November 2016
Genre: Comedy, drama, family
Runtime: 110 min.
Cast: Do Kyung Soo, Jo Jeong Seok, Park Shin Hye and more

Let me begin with the fact that I actually watched this movie because of Do Kyung Soo a.k.a. D.O. from EXO and my bias, but no, I’m not going to be fan girling about him, I’m absolutely here to tell you about this amazing movie.

I wanted to watch it for so long and finally managed to do it 2 days ago. The movie tells the story of Go Du Yeong (D.O.), young athlete who lose his sight permanently and his older brother Go Du Shik (Jo Jeong Seok), who got released from prison, so he can take care of his blind brother.

At first the movie is more like comedy. The two brothers, who haven’t seen each other have hilarious moments as Do Yeong wants to do nothing with his brother and vice versa but then slowly they actually begin to interact with each other.

The movie is so strong and emotional. It’s less than 2 hours, but it took me 2 hours and half to finish it due to the fact that I had to stop crying first and clear my glasses, because I wasn’t able to see the screen due to my tears.

Both actors played so well, I’m absolutely impressed. They managed to convey all the feelings and the way they performed touched me so much, so hard, even now as I’m writing and remember some parts of the movie I feel my throat hardens and I can start crying any minute.

This movie can teach us so many things – to take care of ourselves, take care of others, be good and fight for our dreams and that everything can happen – we just have to stop our fears and embrace our faith.

I shall mention the awesome performance of my most favorite female actress – Park Shin Hye, which played the role of Do Yeong’s trainer. She also managed to convey such strong message and to show what the real educators and trainers are. Park Shin Hye for the win!

I should also say that Kyung Soo was nominated for 5 awards for this movie and won 4 of them – Most Popular Actor at 53rd Baeksang Arts Awards, Newcomer Award at Korean Film Shining Star Awards 2017, Star Award at 13th JIMFF Awards and Best New Actor at 38th Blue Dragon Film Awards. I’m so proud of him!

All in all, “Hyung” is a strong movie, which I really do recommend to everyone. Even though you do not watch Asian movies, try this one! It really worth it! I promise!

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