Amairo Log: We lost the summer

It is the end of the holiday season. The last day of August is here and autumn is slowly arriving and ready to knock on the door and make everything gold brown. Nights are slightly cooler and windy, but in a nice way, dreamy even.

I got back from my few days in Sozopol and I’m a bit disappointed it is over. It was mostly nice experience and I’ve enjoyed my time with my precious Temi. We are going separate ways yet again, and I’m still here doing the same thing. It was a time spent in the best way possible – beach, walks and lovely evenings near the sea.

And the sea… Ah, the sea, how beautifully mesmerizing it is. It can lure everyone with its dreamy blue and calming sound of the waves. How healing and charming, and in the same time can take away all the worries, bad memories and fearful expectations. How marvelous and accepting it is, that never cares who you are and what you have in your mind and just make you feel better, accepted and loved. Oh, how I love the sea!

And just like that the summer is over. But I will be ready for cozy atmosphere, candles and finally use my scarves. I’m looking forward into getting better with managing my time and not let my work stress prevent me from doing anything else. Let’s find the good mood and accept life as it is, as it is not for us to decide what’s ahead, but for God to test us and show us the way to move forward!

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