Amairo Log: Gone

Sunset over the sea

I’ve been gone for so long this time.

Half of 2024 has passed and this is the first time I’m writing here this year. I’ve missed this place, but also had no desire to write anything. But it’s okay.

During this time I realised that I don’t really want to write more about myself even though this helped me back in the time. So this blog will no longer be my personal silent therapist. But I still want to write here and will be switching between subjects, and will hopefully write.

On another note, I read 45 books so far this year. I’m happy with my progress. Half of those are books by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti – the whole of Zodiac Academy and “Ruthless Boys of the Zodiac”. I love these series and cannot recommend them enough. Go read them! Even though the commitment is a huge one.

I’ve already seen the sea this year. Can’t wait for more. My travel plans this year are more than great. More about this with my next travel update.

Amairo out

Featured photo: mine

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