I’ve been thinking recently about music – what genres I like, what exactly and when. I can absolutely say that I like most genres, however it seems that in the last 4 year I listen mostly k-pop music. As of today, this doesn’t surprise me, but for my 23 years old self that would be strange.

I’ve made the observation that there are two types of k-pop that I enjoy – mainstream k-pop with its fast beats and rhythm, and those slow ballads that make your soul cry along. And whilst I don’t have a problem listening to a ballad song together with fast ones, it seems that I have a problem listening to a faster song in between ballads.

Then I thought, “Why is that so? What is this thing in Korean ballads that makes me such a puddle of emotions?”. And I had no answer to this question and it made me think. And then a single word appeared to my mind – nostalgia.

It’s weird that I feel nostalgia when I listen to a certain Korean ballads. “Goodbye” by Park Hyo Shin for example, brings me back to my childhood without any reason, and “Secret” by WH3N makes me long for something I thought I had, but was never mine, to be honest.

On the other hand, there are songs that are in between – not too slowest ballads, but pretty much nostalgic in my opinion. These are probably my most favorite songs at this point. “Beautiful Night” by VIXX LR topping the chart, closely followed by “Don’t Recall” by KARD and “Slow Dive” by A.C.E.

These songs makes me feel like home, like I belong, not that I know to what exactly. This is what I like in the music itself – it makes you love it with your heart. Fully!

Is there any song you feel about in the same way, dear reader? Tell me about it.

Innig – Intimate, heartfelt (from German)
Photo by Jamez Picard on Unsplash

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