D.O. – Expectation [Album review]

I haven’t expected getting a new album by D.O. anytime soon, when we were surprised at the end of the month. The second mini-album is indeed a surprise and a good one, I might say.

“Expectation” has been released just today and it is a fresh new sound by D.O. and completely being in his style too. This release consist of 7 songs – fresh new 6 songs and an acoustic version. I knew that I’m gonna love it and it lived to my expectations. Even exceeded them.


The album begins with the title track “Somebody“, which tells us to give new chance to love with somebody who loves us the way we are. The rhythm is catchy and I love how the tempo changes with the song going forward. The music video is also showcasing the acting skills of the artist – it shows us a beautiful love story. If I have to use a word to describe the song, it will be “soothing“.

D.O’s voice is sweet like honey and a dreamy one. This can be sensed in all the songs, but especially in “Wonder“, which is the second track in the mini. The ease in D.O’s voice is making the otherwise difficult notes sound easy and the ad-libs are painting a beautiful imaginary picture while listening. Lovely transition between songs, nevertheless. The album is telling us a story. Do you wonder what happens next?

I Do

I Do” was released a week before the official release of the mini and it is a beautiful love story. A continuation of his immensely successful track “That’s okay“, the track tells us what happens next. The best continuation of love.

Wanna make a wish? A star is falling
Blink, and we’ve missed it again
But there’ll be more soon enough
Till the end of this night
I just have one wish
If I tell you, would you say
I do, I do
With a smile, please tell me
I do, I do

I must admit that I am already obsessed with “Lost“. The tempo, the beats, the dreamy beginning, the bridge… and then the high note starting the chorus! Simple perfection! And not simple at all, even though the melody is so catchy making it sound easy. All of this sang effortlessly.

And then going back to slow soothing melody with “Ordinary days“. This is the perfect soundtrack to your ordinary day as you go through it. This songs sounds to me the most like the tracks in his first mini-album, showing the consistency in style. Like a forgotten memory resurfacing again, bringing the nostalgia and sweet memories.

And lovely almost ending with “The View“, where the riffs and swirls in D.O.’s voice are showcasing his great talent and quintessential singing. It’s like he never stops learning and improving. And as we can’t go without a surprise – the acoustic variant of “Lost” is the cherry on top and ultimate ending of the mini. Definitely, “Expectation” is an album to listen on repeat.

Expectation cover

D.O. – Expectation

Artist: D.O.
Release date: 18 September 2023
Label: SM Entertainment

Track list:
1. Somebody
2. 기적 (Wonder)
3. 별 떨어진다 (I Do)
4. Lost
5. 내일의 우리 (Ordinary Days)
6. The View
7. Lost – Acoustic version

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